Letter From Pastor Brent

Psalm 71:14-17
As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of your saving acts all day long—though I know not how to relate them all. I will come and proclaim your mighty acts, Sovereign Lord; I will proclaim your righteous deeds, yours alone. Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvellous deeds.

King David was a prolific warrior, king, ruler, shepherd, and songwriter. David penned psalms and songs that continue to guide and bless believers worldwide and, most notably, were prayers close to the heart of Jesus during His earthly ministry. It is believed that Psalm 71 is one of David's last two recorded psalms and that he would have penned them when he was well along in years.

In this Psalm, David is struggling to narrow down what to highlight as it pertains to the goodness and blessing of God that He has witnessed, not because there were too few things but because there were too many. David is overcome by the sheer volume of the evidence of God's "marvellous" and "righteous" deeds.

Although I haven't killed any giants in my life (yet), commanded the Armies of Israel, or even tended sheep in the rolling hills of Bethlehem, I can relate to the challenge of struggling with too many great things of God to recount them all!

Every year for the last ten years, I have marvelled at what God has done. His power, His goodness, His presence and His glory simply seem to increase year over year. This past ministry year not only continues that trend of increase, but by virtually every major measure, we are seeing the most impact and fruit we have ever seen. More people coming to Christ, more baptisms, more people finding recovery, more people being discipled and equipped, a greater sense of God's manifest presence and glory in our gatherings (big and small), more unity, more diversity, more people attending services, more faithfulness in giving… more, more, more. Jesus is alive, at work, and simply amazing!

This report is simply the tip of the iceberg of some of the great deeds The Lord has done and continues to do in our midst. We have much yet to do—and I am confident that even greater things are yet to come—but let us celebrate the goodness and power of God on display for us as a church during these days. It is truly wonderful.

I pray you enjoy this statistical report and that it encourages your heart and reminds you how amazing it is to follow Jesus. What a privilege we have in being His church here and now!

On a personal note, I want to say how much I love this church and how much I love getting to pastor here. The people of Kings Church are second to none, salt of the earth (which is on brand, isn't it?), and some of the most Godly, selfless, faithful, and sold-out Jesus followers you will find anywhere. It continues to be the most incredible privilege for Melanie and me to serve this great church alongside the most incredible ministry staff imaginable on a mission to see God's Kingdom come and be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Here's to all that God has done and is yet to do!
With love,

So that all people in all places embrace the life-saving power of King Jesus”.

Code of


We surrender our whole lives in total allegiance to King Jesus and the advancement of His Kingdom.


The Holy Spirit is the power at work in us to live the Kingdom life. Apart from Him we can do nothing.


We serve a King whose extravagant love for this world compels us to engage it, not escape it.


We thrive and flourish only as we are built together in Kingdom community.


In life and death, we are a praying people of active, relentless, audacious faith in God.


We wholeheartedly embrace the culture of Heaven, and we fully expect our lives to reflect this Kingdom reality.


We serve a generous King who gives without limit or condition. Out of His unending wealth, we give.


We are sent out to earnestly declare and demonstrate the Good News that Jesus saves.


We stake our lives on the Word of God, our unshakable foundation, food for our souls and our weapon in the battle.


We honour God as we honour others as it is currency in the kingdom of God.

One Church Many


    "This has been the most incredible year. In our midst, we have heard and experienced some of the most outstanding stories of people turning to Jesus and being baptized. The stories are almost unbelievable! In addition to this, we have seen incredible provision as a church here. There have been miraculous healings, and a gathering of the nations including over thirteen languages and nationalities represented. Finally, this year has been marked by outstanding partnerships with other local churches; including a monthly worship night involving seven churches, across denominations, here in Charlottetown. God is on the move!"

    Pastor Jonny Robertson


    "So many things have happened this year - we’ve moved into a more permanent location sharing a building with the Halifax Vineyard Church. This means we’ve been able to host city wide worship nights with other churches and worship leaders, our first ever Jingle Jam, and new consistent ministry opportunities. One of which is a Wednesday men’s night focused on helping men build strong spiritual relationships and working together on becoming strong men of faith 30+ men have come out on these nights. A year ago, none of this existed! We are just blown away by the Lord’s provision this past year!"

    Pastor Seth Fancy


    "God continues to bless our online community as we see people from all over the world join us each week. Through ministries like Online Home Church, Pastor Chat, Alpha, and our various social media platforms, people are encountering God in fresh and powerful ways!"

    Pastor Ron Winters


    "There has been a new and fresh intimacy with the Holy Spirit, a refreshing of His people as we have moved forward in unity with the Lord, unity within the family, and unity within the community. His Church in Charlotte County is uniting and growing in number together."

    Pastor Pete Stubbs


    "Our persistent and ongoing prayer has been, “Come, Holy Spirit”. We have been awestruck repeatedly this year at the increased awareness of God’s presence in all areas of our church life. Our weekend gatherings and all of our programs have multiplied in number and in depth of relationship with God. Jesus promised that if we remain in him as he remains in us and if his word abides in us, we would bear much fruit to his father’s glory. By the grace of God, we are witnessing an increasing abundance of fruit in hundreds being saved and baptized, many being set free and healed through prayer and prophetic ministry, and a deep hunger to hear the word of the Lord. As we have watched young and old extend their hands out again and again this year inviting the Spirit’s presence, we have been overwhelmed with gratitude to God for all of the signs of his “Yes” here in the Valley as it is in heaven."

    Pastor Dan Lamos


    "Wow, what an incredible year at our West Location! We've witnessed God's powerful and supernatural presence in all our ministries—kids, youth, prayer, men's and women's ministries, and Celebrate Recovery. I feel blessed to work alongside a growing volunteer team that is truly on mission. We even added a second service on Sunday mornings due to our growth. Beyond the numbers, we've seen miraculous healings, deliverance, salvations, and numerous baptisms. People are digging in and becoming true disciples of Jesus. We are so blessed to be part of this family. We say this every year, but it's true: This is just the beginning! Super excited for what God has next for our church!"

    Pastor Adam Brewer

On The Word

Sermon Series

Nearness Month May - June

James July

Matthew Part 2 August - September

Ask Me About Jesus October - November

Matthew Part 2 December - January

Family Matters February

The End...? April

By The Spirit

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    People have received Freedom Prayer Ministry

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    People have been equipped in Prophetic & Supernatural Ministries

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    People have participated in Freedom Prayer Training Courses and Workhops

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    People engage in “Start with Prayer” every week

My Baptism was one of the most powerful and emotional experiences in my life. I am forever changed and grateful!

A prophetic word for healing of ears and hearing was given. A woman came forward for prayer for her right ear, which had a hollow sound. After praying, they asked if anything had changed, and she said no, so they prayed again. This time, her face lit up with amazement, and tears streamed down her cheeks. The hollow sound was gone—she had been healed!

A teen boy who didn't attend church, signed up for baptism online. He didn’t have any church connections, but wanted to give his heart to Christ. A few weeks later as he was being baptized, two boys in the audience leapt from their seats, and raced forward desiring to be baptized also. God used him to influence his peers for the Gospel

A woman had a broken hand that remained swollen and painful even after the cast was removed. The Alpha group prayed for her. Later that night, she realized her hand was no longer in pain! Since then, all tremors and swelling have disappeared. God is a healer!!

A few kids and youth attend church even though their immediate families do not, and I'm always amazed by their hunger and sincerity in seeking God. One little girl, brought to church by her aunt, was so moved during worship last year that she was brought to tears. She described them as "happy tears." This year, she was one of the eleven kids who got baptized.

A man who had migraines for 40 years of his life, came and got prayer for healing. He believed in the impossible with fellow believers on the prayer team. It has been about 6 months and he has not had any migraines since!

The prayer team was asked to pray for a woman undergoing her second MRI. If the results were the same as before, she would need to undergo surgery. Thankfully, the MRI showed no issues, and she didn’t need surgery!

I have always battled fear. I now know that it has been during the times of greatest fear and my deepest grief, that I have felt closest to the Lord. God was there with me providing indescribable calm and reassurance. Jesus is my Hope. The light in MY darkness. I trust the Lord. I am a child of God.

Mommy and Daddy started bringing me to church. I got to learn about Jesus and all the good things he’s done. I came to believe that knowing Jesus and believing in him can wash away your sins. He brings you new life and brings you closer to God. I love Jesus and I want everyone to know that I do.

On A Mission

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    Follow Jesus

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Love The World

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    Meals provided to the community

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    Bagged lunches for schools

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    Pounds of food delivered to local food bank

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    People provided with free clothing

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    Hope Bags distributed (over 15K donated in food)

  • 0

    Operation Shoeboxes filled

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    Children received PJ’s and toys Christmas morning

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    Turkey Dinners provided for families in need at Christmas

Local Missions Supported

  • Pregnancy Resource Center of Saint John
  • Outflow Ministries: Saint John
  • Operation Feed: Saint John
  • The Helm Center: Halifax
  • Harvest House: Charlottetown
  • Neighbourhood Works: St. Stephen
  • Threshold Ministries / Street Hope: Saint John
  • Kingswood University
  • Coldest Night of the Year
  • Caton’s Island

11 Global Missions Supported

  • Guatemala - Impacto Ministry, Happy Tummies, Pastor Training, Mission Trip
  • Peru - Mission Trip
  • Haiti - L'Eglise Wesleyenne de Maïs Gaté partnership, The C.A.M.P. Haiti
  • Myanmar — Source Ministries
  • Japan — Robin & Yoko White
  • Eastern Europe - N & S (details withheld)
  • Central Europe - M & S (details withheld)
  • Albania - Allan & Sheri Stevens
  • Global Partners - Gilles, Carl & Maya
  • Compassion — Child Sponsorship and Urgent Needs
  • World Hope — Ignite Hope Campaign

Love Atlantic

  • 7554 Hours of Service
  • $386,208 Donations

Love Atlantic
(Kings Church)

  • 3485 Hours of Service
  • $232,768.76 Donations



Attendance at various learning & growing opportunities such as Alpha, Lead Like Kings and Step Studies


People connected through regular gatherings such as Home Church, Worship Nights and Kings Classic


Volunteer Positions



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Total $ Given to Outside Organizations


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    People completed step studies - a one year program going through the 12 Recovery Steps

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    People who completed Step Studies also shared their story of recovery at CR on Testimony Night

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I am so grateful for the healing the Lord has done in me through Celebrate Recovery. CR has helped me put God in His rightful place, as God over every area of my life. Before CR, I was trying to control everything from a place of fear, which was causing me to get resentful and frustrated with my loved ones. Through the Step Study, I have learned to trust Jesus as my firm foundation and allow Him to lead my life. Following Him has provided me with peace, joy and fulfillment in my life. I can’t wait to see what God has for me next through my journey at Celebrate Recovery.

Through the CR step studies I have rebuilt relationships within my family I didn’t think possible and I received my 1 year sobriety chip from hard drugs. Being sober makes it super difficult for me to interact with other people unless I feel really comfortable but the group in our step group have made me feel safe, loved and supported.

Completing the step studies has changed so many relationships in my life. It has given me a new group of Christian women that pray with me and for me and there is nothing like it! Watching the transformation of each and everyone in my group has helped me in some way. I’m truly blessed.

Kings Youth

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    year to follow Jesus

I love kings youth so much. It gives me a great opportunity to get to know other Christians my age; it’s great to have that kind of support from people you can relate to. I can’t think of a better way to spend my Monday nights.

Kings youth has helped me create stronger connections with others and deepen my understanding of the Bible.

For me, Kings Youth means more than just an event that happens every Monday night. Kings Youth has brought me so much joy this year and brought me through so much. From the powerful worship and prayer to small group time each week, it all fuels my fire for the Lord. It is exactly where I want to be and I am so so blessed for what it has done for me!

The community aspect stands out to me of how Kings Youth has helped me over the past year. Finding a group of people who are so on fire for Jesus is hard to come by. I'm grateful I've found that in Kings Youth, and the community of students I can relate to on a deeper level than I can with adults because they know exactly how it feels to be a teenager in this generation.

Other Highlights

All Nighter

193 students attended and dozens of students received the Holy Spirit

Prayer Night

76 students attended a special night of focused prayer

Merge Night

203 students from youth groups in the KC area came together for a night of unity and commissioning

Christian Clubs in school

Our Valley students run weekly christian clubs in both local high schools (KVHS & Rothesay High)


116 Kings Youth Students attended One Conference this year

KC Kids

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    Kids attended
    “Making Waves Kids Camp”

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    Attended Jingle Jam

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    Kids came Easter Sunday and
    heard the resurrection story

Leader’s Praises

Serving at KC Kids is so much more than I ever expected. Not only is it a warm, welcoming environment, but a safe place for volunteers to feel blessed by the Lord through prayer and fellowship. It spreads joy throughout not just the children, but the volunteers as well.

KC Kids is a great place to teach kids about the Lord. We have a ton of fun through the different activities we get to do with the kids, eating food, and watching our Bible story in the big room. It’s a pleasure teaching the next generation.

Why do I serve at KC Kids? Because I love seeing and hanging out with them and making a difference in their lives by showing them how much Jesus loves them.

Sometimes, I find that they really do understand how great is HIS love for us...we are planting some good seed about how loved and valued they are.

Kings Academy

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    Program Students

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    Lead like Kings Students

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    Know the Times Students

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    Know the Bible Students

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    Full time Ministry Apprenticeship Students

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    Intro to Bible Study Students

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    Life in the Spirit Students

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    Biblical Communication Students

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    Know the Bible Students

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    Know God Students

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    Lead Like Kings Students

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    How to Share Faith Students

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    Pastoral Ministry Students

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that some of the classes Kings Academy offered had the same depth of knowledge as undergraduate university courses. Completing all of the assignments while working was certainly challenging but definitely worth it. Surrounded by likeminded Christians thirsty for living water, I built connections, shared my faith, and took the first steps toward true discipleship in Jesus’ name. I was blind and now I see.

This time in the Academy challenged some of my beliefs, strengthened and systematized my views and faith, and encouraged me to walk boldly with the Lord. One thing that stands out to me is how the sessions are always refreshing, and often the Holy Spirit works in my heart. Workday evenings usually feel the same with all the tiredness, but when I dedicate these three hours to praying, thinking over God's word, and learning from the pastors and teachers, this time really stands out. This encourages me to dedicate more time to Jesus on other days as well—as I come closer, so does He.

I feel that I have grown in my faith and the boundaries of where I thought I could minister and serve have been greatly expanded. While I have had to make some sacrifices of my time with my family this year, I know God has equipped me through Kings Academy to better serve within the church, and outside the church through my work. I am excited to see where God will lead and call me next.


216 People have participated in the Alpha Program this year

I want to share so that my family and friends can be saved and know Jesus like I do.

Alpha let me love again and let people into my life.

Alpha helped me deal with my grief.

Everyone is going out of their way to make us all feel comfortable and wanted.

Life change, friendships, community, fellowship, love, healing.